ZhangKeMing v. Burberry Group plc industry design invalid administrative dispute
        ZhangKeMing is the industry design patentee of CN 200430001158.8. On March 1, 2010, Burberry Group plc appeal to the Re-examination Board of SIPO pretext for the Zhang's industry design not in conformity with the Chinese patent law of the stipulations of Article 23 to request declare the industry design invalid. Then the patent re-examination board of SIPO made a decision No. 15611 on November 12, 2010, declared ZhangKeMing's industry design is invalid. Our partner Ms. LinLi and legal advisors Mr. ZhaoJiaXiang accept the patentee's commission as the representative to deal the case, we point out: comparing the industry design and comparative documents involving, they are the obvious differences and are not same or similar industry designs. The industry design of CN 200430001158.8 conforms to the provisions in Article 23 of the patent law. The court support our claims, Beijing No. 1 Intermediate people's courts made a judgment on November 9, 2011, withdrew the decision No. 15611 of the Re-examination Board of SIPO made, and order the Re-examination Board of SIPO to make examination and decision again. Through Ms.Lin and Mr.Zhao earnest and professional works, we successfully gain the first instance of litigation victory for the patentee.

Samsung Electronics Co.,Ltd. v ZhuZhanXin the patent invalid case
        ZhuZhanXin is the patentee of the name of "can spin screen mobile phone" invention patent (Patent No. ZL01124035.0). Since 2005, Zhu filed several patent infringement litigation to the court accounted for his patent right has been infringed by several multinationals including Nokia and Motorola, Zhu get triumph, Nokia reached a settlement agreement with Zhu, Motorola had a partial success through it filed a request for invalidating the involved patent at the Re-examination Board of SIPO and invalidating part of the patent claims. Thereafter, Zhu sued Samsung for the patent infringement litigation, Our partner Ms. LinLi accept Samsung commission as the representative to deal the case, Ms. LinLi analyses the involving patent documents and the relevant technology document of the information retrieval, and wrote a detailed analysis and evaluated report to indicate the patent involved not in conformity with the patent law. Then Ms.LinLi quickly composed the request for invalid and filed to the Re-examination Board of SIPO claims that "can spin screen mobile phone" invention patent's all claims should be declared invalid. In the case of the oral hearing and opinions statement, Ms. LinLi made full debate with the patentee Zhu for the facts and evidence the case involved. Through the trial, the Re-examination Board of SIPO supports the Samsung's invalid request, and finally issued the decision No14177 in Nov.25th 2009 the involved patent all claims invalidated.Then Zhu had to withdraw the infringement litigation. Ms.LinLi professional works and accurate grasp the law essence, has finally won a decisive victory for Samsung in the patent infringement litigation.

Yancheng Zhongwei bus & Coach Group Co., LTD v Germen Neoplan Bus GmbH industry design invalid case
        German bus maker Neoplan Bus GmbH is the patentee of the industry design "car"(patent number:ZL 200430088722.4). In September 2006, Neoplan accusing Chinese bus maker Zhongda Industry, Zhongwei and sellers Zhongtong Xinghua automobile company co-defendant infringe the industry design and filed a patent infringement litigation to Beijing No.1 Intermediate People's Court, Neoplan argues that the defendants's A9 luxury bus copying Neoplan's "star liner" bus industry design and requests the court ordered the defendants to immediately stop infringing products manufacture and sales and to pay Neoplan RMB 41 million in compensate for the corresponding economic loss. In January 2009, the Beijing No. 1 intermediate people's court adjudicated the defendants to pay Neoplan RMB20 million in compensation and RMB1.16 million in litigation costs. As a case that the highest amount of damages in industry design cases in China as well as in China's auto industry, this case was well known as the No.1 bus industry design infringement case in China.
        During the first instance procedure, Zhongwei filed invalidation requests against involving industry design three times but failed. In 2009, Ms.LinLi accept the commission of defendant Zhongwei as the representative to deal the case, Ms.LinLi comprehensive analysis the full evidence involving and combing the relative evidence, reach the conclusion that the evidence we provide has been forming a complete chain and can fully prove the facts that involved industry design has already been publish before the application date. In the oral hearing hold by the Re-examination Board of SIPO, Ms.Lin and Neoplan representative debate with evidence and disputes involving, clarified the dispute facts and law applying. In February 25, 2010 the Re-examination Board of SIPO issued the invalid decision No14484 to support our invalid request and declare the patent No.200430088722.4 invalid. Ms.LinLi's high quality professional agency provides crucial help to win a turnaround for the Chinese company in dealing with a German Neoplan Bus GmbH's patent infringement litigation. February 27, 2012, the Beijing Mo. 1 intermediate people's court made a sentence, maintain the invalid decided to effective.

Providing legal service for the Japanese Seiko-Eepson in the printer ink cartridges patent infrigement series cases
        Between 2008 and 2009, Ms. LinLi accepts the entrusting of Japanese Seiko-Eepson to provide legal services for a series of invention patent of printer ink cartridges in China's patent infringement litigation, patent invalidation and administrative litigation. By her twenty years of rich experience in patent field Ms. LinLi analyzed the facts and evidences the cases involved, and accurately clarify the patent law applicable, then written out informative and full legal analysis submissions, which provide a powerful legal support to help Seiko-Eepson in these cases to won the initiative. Ms. LinLi's high quality legal services won Seiko-Eepson's fully affirmation and respect.